The Law Office of James P. Shea - Exclusively Dedicated to the Practice of Social Security Disability and SSI Law

Attorney Fees

Our office handles Social Security disability and SSI cases
on a contingent fee basis. In other words, we charge a fee
only if we succeed in obtaining benefits for you.

We generally request a fee of 25% of the retroactive benefits
only.  We ask no fee from the monthly benefit check.  We
may have a specified minimum or maximum fee depending
on the circumstances.  All fees or fee agreements must
be reviewed and approved by the Social Security
Administration.  Once the Administration has reviewed and
approved the fee, it will be withheld from the retroactive award
and paid to the attorney directly.

A written copy of the retainer agreement will be given to you
when you become our client.  Although we do not charge for
our services unless we are successful, you are responsible
for paying out-of-pocket expenses as they occur.  Usually
these consist of fees charged by doctors for their records,
reports and expressions of opinion.  We will make every effort
to keep these costs to a minimum and to inform you if/when
they occur.  If we become aware of these costs in advance of incurring them, we will notify you.

If you have any questions or concerns once you leave our office, feel free to telephone us.  We are committed to keeping our clients informed and to returning phone calls as promptly as we can.

IMPORTANT:  You should advise us if you experience any change in your condition which results in a change of diagnosis, or if you experience a significant medical event (such as a surgery), or if you receive any notice from Social Security, or if you move, or change your telephone number.

ALSO:  Our office will work hand in hand with your worker's compensation or personal injury lawyer to ensure that the best possible outcome in your Social Security disability claim. Our practice, however, is limited to Social Security Disability law, and you must understand that the scope of our work is that area alone.  We will refer you back to your other attorney should additional legal matters arise in areas outside of Social Security Law. In this manner, we can assure that you receive the best legal representation in all of your legal matters.